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Guidance For Employers On Employee Handbooks

Employment handbooks play a big role in shaping the employer-employee relationship. They provide guidelines, policies and procedures for navigating the many issues that can arise in employment.

Detailed employee handbooks benefit both employers and employees. A legally sound handbook can help mitigate the risk of liability and protect your interests as an employer. They also provide valuable guidance for employees on what’s expected of them and how to raise concerns.

I assist employers with all aspects of drafting and reviewing employment handbooks. I’m attorney Yale Pollack. At my firm, the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C., you will find skilled and proactive guidance rooted in more than 15 years of employment law experience. In my practice, I represent both employers and employees, which allows me to anticipate the challenges and concerns employees often face. That understanding benefits my employer clients and helps me develop proactive strategies to prevent disputes or resolve them favorably and efficiently, in a way that benefits both parties.

Drafting Legally Sound Employment Handbooks

A solidly drafted employment handbook should provide clear communication to employees regarding:

  • The employer’s mission and vision
  • Expectations around working hours, work attire, drug an alcohol testing, social media and internet use, and workplace conduct
  • Detailed information on disciplinary policies and procedures
  • Complaint procedures for addressing issues such as discrimination and harassment
  • Legal disclaimers regarding at-will employment
  • Guidance on benefits and leave options
  • Information regarding employee rights under applicable law

I provide guidance for new employers who don’t yet have employee handbooks in place. In addition, I work with established employers, reviewing existing handbooks and strengthening them to avoid gaps, out-of-date information or inaccurate information.

Learn More About Working With Me As Your Employment Lawyer

Whether you need comprehensive guidance on all aspects of employment law or limited to employee handbooks, I can address your legal needs with diligence and individualized attention. You will work directly with me, not a paralegal or associate.

For more information, please reach out to me online or call 516-634-6340. I represent employers throughout New York City and am based in Long Island.