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Navigating Employment Law: Experienced Representation For Employers

Employers have numerous responsibilities with regard to employees. Every aspect of the employment relationship – hiring, establishing terms and conditions of employment, creating employment policies, taking disciplinary measures, and terminating or firing – has legal implications. Complex laws and regulations at the federal, state and local levels may apply at each of these stages. Trusted legal counsel is important for avoiding costly disputes, legal claims and unforeseen consequences.

I’m attorney Yale Pollack, and at the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. in New York City, I represent employers in all industries, providing experienced legal counsel on all facets of employment law. Clients benefit from my 15-plus years of experience in this field. I keep up to date on changes in the law and developments in case law that may affect employers. I focus on providing proactive guidance, helping employers implement strategic steps to comply with the law and avoid or resolve disputes before they take a toll on their business, resources and reputation.

Protecting Employers’ Interests In All Kinds Of Employment Matters

I address diverse employment concerns such as:

  • Employment contracts: I help employers negotiate, draft and review contracts, including pay rates and conditions of employment, noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements, nondisclosure agreements and severance agreements.
  • Employment policies: Carefully constructed policies can go a long way toward avoiding liability. I assist with drafting employee handbooks, policies and procedures, and training materials.
  • Employee discipline: When disciplinary measures are poorly handled, they can lead to costly disputes. I provide thoughtful guidance on disciplinary procedures and address concerns regarding employee discipline.
  • Employment disputes: When disputes arise, a proactive approach can pave the way toward a swift and efficient resolution, often outside of court. Should litigation become necessary, I’m a trial lawyer with the experience it takes to successfully navigate the process and place employers on strong footing for a successful outcome.

My approach in all these problems is to provide realistic and upfront guidance on the available options. Because I also have experience representing employees, I understand how the other side is likely to approach this issue. I use this knowledge, and my creative problem-solving skills, to develop win-win resolutions that benefit both parties whenever possible.

Your Partner In Employment Challenges

I am committed to helping employers develop the strongest possible employment practices to reduce the risk of costly disputes. When disputes do arise, I’m committed to helping them obtain favorable resolutions.

To learn more about enlisting my services, please contact my Long Island office through my website or by phone at 516-774-1015. I offer free initial consultations.