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Experienced Guidance On All Kinds Of Employment Contracts

Employment contracts play an important role in the employer-employee relationships. They can specify each party’s rights, obligations and expectations. They can provide various types of legal relief if one party violates the contract. They also can provide a forum for potential disputes, such as arbitration or mediation.

As an employee, it’s in your best interests to be aware of all the details in your employment contract – ideally, before you sign it. Even if you already have a signed contract in place, you may need guidance on its interpretation and application.

I can help you with any type of employment contract issue. I’m Yale Pollack, an employment lawyer and solo attorney at the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C. in Long Island. I practice solely in employment law and have done so for more than 15 years.

Common Types Of Employment Contracts

There are many types of employment contracts – and employment contract provisions. I am well-acquainted with all of them, including:

  • Pay, terms and conditions of employment
  • Noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Independent contractor agreement
  • Intellectual property clauses
  • Mediation and arbitration clauses
  • Notice provisions
  • Liquidated damages provisions

I can advise you on the legal implications of any of these types of agreements. I can also assist with drafting and reviewing proposed employment contracts.

Navigating Employment Contract Disputes

Because my experience encompasses representing both employers and employees, I understand both sides of employment contract issues – a perspective that can work to my clients’ advantage. I understand how to develop creative solutions to resolve disputes in an efficient and favorable manner.

Should a dispute arise that can’t be resolved through negotiation, I can represent you in mediation, in arbitration or in court. I’m an experienced trial lawyer who understands how to build a strong case from the outset.

Severance Agreements

When leaving a job, negotiating a fair and reasonable severance agreement can help you lay the foundation for a successful transition. I can represent you in negotiating a favorable severance agreement. Here again, my experience in representing employers can work to your benefit. I understand what motivates employers when it comes to negotiating the terms and conditions of a severance agreement.

Get Proven Help Addressing Your Employment Contract Issue

I am here to help with any kind of employment contract issue you may be facing. To get started with a free initial consultation, please call 516-634-6340. I’m located in Long Island and represent people from all backgrounds across New York City.