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Help For Employees Facing Job-Related Legal Issues

Work is a big part of your life. Challenges relating to your job can understandably be a big source of stress and uncertainty.

At the Law Offices of Yale Pollack, P.C., I can help you address those concerns and work towards a favorable resolution. I’m Yale Pollack, an employment law attorney with more than 15 years of experience. I represent employees across New York City in all kinds of industries, especially the hospitality and service industries.

When you work with my firm, you work with me from start to finish. I can help you pursue the right option for resolving your situation. My goal is to protect your rights and interests and reduce your stress by taking the legal weight off your shoulders.

Common Issues That Employees Face

You can turn to me for experienced guidance on:

  • Wage and hour issues involving pay disputes, overtime, minimum wage laws, misclassification of employees as independent contractors, meal and rest breaks, and other wage and hour cases
  • Discrimination and harassment involving a hostile work environment, discriminatory employment practices, failure to make accommodations, sexual harassment and related issues
  • Retaliation claims involving getting fired, demoted or treated unfairly after exercising your employment rights
  • Wrongful termination claims if you lost your job for discriminatory or other illegal reasons

I also can advise you on employment contracts, including noncompete agreements, nondisclosure agreements and severance agreements.

My Problem-Solving Approach Toward Protecting Employees’ Interests

Because I have experience representing employers, I know how to resolve disputes in a more thoughtful and creative way that prioritizes your needs. Clients value my ability to find creative solutions that avoid unnecessary expenses and headaches.

While I have spent extensive time in the courtroom as a trial lawyer and can represent you in court, in most cases, it’s better to resolve disputes outside of court. I understand what motivates employers, and I can use that knowledge to strategize a solution that makes sense for your unique situation.

Find Out More About How I Can Help You

I offer free initial consultations so you can learn more about me and how I can help. To get started, call my Long Island office at 516-774-1015. You can also send me an email. I look forward to speaking with you.