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Helping Businesses Draft And Enforce Employment Contracts

Almost every business has some sort of intellectual property or trade secret that they need to protect. Whether that is customer lists or specific methods of producing a product, good or service, the loss of this information could have lasting financial consequences for a company. When hiring people to help you move your business forward, it is important that you have effective agreements in place to keep that information confidential.

At my law firm, based in Long Island, I work with businesses and business owners who need assistance with any aspect of employment contracts. My goal is to help you do the proper planning early on in the process so that you do not find yourself surprised by litigation if the relationship ends up not working out.

Drafting/Reviewing/Negotiating Employment Contracts

Before starting my firm, I worked on employment matters at a large law firm. I have seen how small mistakes lead to costly and time-consuming litigation. If you are about to hire an employee and need a contract drafted, I can quickly help you identify the issues that need to be addressed in your documents. I can review your existing contracts to see if there are other items of concern that need to be resolved. If you have an employee who would like to negotiate the terms of his or her contract, I am also available to step in for your business and come to an agreement that allows you to feel confident your important company assets are protected.

Non-Compete Agreements

The nature and scope of these documents need to be very clear, or courts may determine them to be unenforceable. It is essential that the contracts you create to protect your critical business information be as exact as possible. I can help you draft new non-compete agreements with key employees, or help you enforce the existing agreements that you currently have in place.

Other Contractual-Based Litigation

Various issues can come up over the life of a contractual relationship. When you have an issue that looks like it is headed to court, I will develop a detailed strategy for the specifics of your case. I understand that these cases can have a serious financial impact on your company, and I am prepared to take whatever path you deem appropriate to help you reduce the risk facing your business.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

I have worked with businesses of all sizes throughout the region on issues related to employment contracts. Whether you are in the first stages of this process with your employee, or need to take action to protect your interests, I can help. Please contact my office at 516-634-6340 or send me an email to schedule a time that works for you.