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Facing Discrimination At Work?

Nobody should have to face illegal discrimination in the workplace. The law provides protections for employees at multiple levels – federal, state and local – to enforce their rights when they encounter discriminatory treatment. Navigating those laws can be tricky, however.

I’m Yale Pollack, an employment lawyer with more than 15 years of experience. I can evaluate your case to determine whether your rights have been violated. I can also help you pursue your rights under applicable law. Based in Long Island, I represent workers throughout New York City. Many of my clients work in the hospital and service industries, though I represent workers from all sectors.

What Amounts To Discrimination?

In New York City, employers can’t discriminate against workers or prospective hires on grounds such as:

  • Race, ethnicity and national origin
  • Religion
  • Sex, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Age (40 and older)
  • Military service
  • Familial or marital status

Discrimination can take many forms. It could look like a prospective employer refusing to hire you for discriminatory reasons. It could be giving you unfavorable assignments or working conditions. It could be firing you. Or, it could be allowing or overlooking harassment, among other things. If you aren’t sure whether what you’re experiencing amounts to discrimination, reach out to me for a free case review.

It’s important to know that your employer can’t retaliate against you for enforcing your employment rights. The law recognizes that you should be free to report discriminatory treatment and take legal action without worrying about retaliation.

Reach Out To Me For Guidance On Your Options

If you’re wondering whether you have a discrimination case, reach out to me for help. I can provide guidance on your rights and options. As an employment attorney with extensive experience, I understand how to find the right angle for addressing discrimination claims. I can help you pursue a favorable resolution whether in court or outside of court.

Call 516-774-1015 for a free initial consultation.